Sunday, September 14, 2008

Law Offices of Kevin J. McDevitt

Law Offices of Kevin J. McDevitt

You went to the local WaWa to get your favorite sandwich, but it tasted sort of funny. You then went to your baby's mama's trailer and she got in an argument with you because you didn't want to share your oxycontin pills with her. So she got angry, called the cops, and said that you hit her. You hear the sirens and then see the cops pull up. You decide to flee because they always believe the woman, and besides, you have warrants for child support and a VOP on drunk driving and paraphernalia charges. As you race through country roads running from the cops you throw beer bottles at them that you just emptied.

Eventually, you crash and as the officers approach you yell out "I didn't do it! And Kevin McDevitt is my lawyer!"

Kevin will understand. He's been there. Hell, we've all been there. Kevin will know what to do with your case. He has experience as a former Assistant State's Attorney in Baltimore City and St. Mary's County. Keep his number handy, especially if you head into southern Maryland. You will be in good hands.

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