Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tobaccoland 2.0

Readers of this blog (all ten of you) might have noticed that I have been posting less often.
I just haven't had the time or interest recently.
Most of my posts have just been links to other sites.
I've written a number of original posts over the years, but just don't see the point of putting in so much effort when so very few actually read them.

I started this blog with a focus on smoking laws and quickly moved into issues. I hope I made some good points and contributed to the debate. I was usually serious, although sometimes I attempted to bring some humor into my posts. Sometimes that may have been misunderstood. I'm not sure.  I've removed most of my old posts and hope to start again with a different focus.

The name of the blog is Tobaccoland, so I thought it might make sense to blog about the history and culture of Maryland and, if I am able, other tobacco producing lands. This will involve fewer posts, but better ones. There should be more pictures as well.  

It may take a while for me to really get going with this plan. But watch this space.