Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kensington Day of the Book

Two Sundays ago on April 26, I was in Kensington, Maryland for their Day of the Book festival. The event is related to World Book and Copyright Day, which was created by the UN to encourage literacy.

Mainly authors, book dealers, artists, and other vendors line the roads in Old Town Kensington to sell their products. I had a table where I sold copies of my books, including Witch Trials, Legends, and Lore of Maryland.

As you can see on my sign (if you click to enlarge it), I offered to accept payment in cash, by check, through paypal, and Bitcoins. I can accept Bitcoins through an app on my phone. Since I was in the "People's Republic of Montgomery County" home to the most pro-big government population this side of North Korea, I wasn't expecting many to be supportive of the decentralized electronic currency. One old guy felt it necessary to try to argue with me about why he thought Bitcoins are a scam. I just smiled and said I wasn't worried about losing a few dollars in Bitcoins if they are. Others seem amused by the concept and engaged me in conversation about it. It brought people to my table and maybe helped me sell a few books.

The festival was well attended. The picture from the left is from right after the event started. Soon the street was filled with people and I was too pre-occupied with my table to take more pictures.

The event lasted from 11am to 4pm and thankfully this year we had good weather. About two years ago we had heavy rain all day and it ended early.

The festival is organized by Elisenda Sola-Sole, owner of the Kensington Row Bookshop. If you are ever around the area, be sure to visit her shop. It carries many unique books and other items. She has also been supportive of my books and always has signed copies of Witch Trials, Legends, and Lore of Maryland for sale.

Selling at book fairs wouldn't pay my mortgage. Nevertheless, I always enjoy going to these events, especially as it gives me a chance to meet other writers. This year my table was between authors J.D. Brayton and Matthew Kastel. I also had a chance to speak to Susan Elnicki Wade, co-author of Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay. I encourage you to take a look at their work.

If you are an author and want to sell your books, you should consider signing up for a table at next year's event. If you enjoy reading books, you should visit next year. There is a wide selection of books for sale. Many are quite good ones that you may never see in Barnes & Noble or featured on Amazon. If nothing else, you will have a nice day walking around the area.