Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wayne's New World. Wayne Simmons goes to prison, but refuses to admit guilt.

Wayne Simmons, the Annapolis resident and occasional topic of this blog, reported to prison last month. Simmons claimed that he had spent 27 years in the CIA, but according to Federal prosecutors, this was all a lie. Simmons, they asserted, was nothing but a con man. Simmons pleaded guilty to various counts of fraud and illegal possession of a firearm.

Last July, Simmons was sentenced by a Federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, to 33 months in prison. He was given a later turn in date in September. With credit for his time spent in pre-trial detention, including house arrest, Simmons, according the Federal Bureau of Prisons, has an estimated release date of January 8, 2019. In the Federal system, there is no parole, but there is the ability to reduce your sentence by up to 15% through good behavior.

Simmons is currently serving his time at FCI Schuylkill, a Federal prison in Pennsylvania, north of Harrisburg. According to Wikipedia, one of the high profile inmates at the prison is Betim Kaziu, an Islamic terrorist who is serving a 27 year sentence for conspiracy to murder. Knowing Wayne, for everyone's benefit, I hope the prison officials keep them apart.

It is interesting to note that despite his guilty plea, Wayne is still holding onto his assertion that he really worked for the government. A retired admiral and two generals signed an op-ed to The Washington Times where they asserted that Wayne was wrongly accused. In their piece titled Wayne Simmons and a miscarriage of justice, they stated that they looked through Wayne's “Operations Files” and that they proved that he was really an undercover agent. Strangely they argued that "the judge was denied" this "relevant information", even though Wayne himself could have provided it to the court at sentencing.

I reached out to Wayne via text message before he went to prison. In his texts he stated, among other things, that, "there is so much more to these political, phony charges. Soon, all will be revealed!" 

I had read all of the documents filed with the court in his case, including a brief where he mentioned safe houses in the area that he allegedly used for missions. I had researched the previous owners of the houses, including one guy named Rudolf Troost, who owned the house when Wayne said he was using it. I texted to Wayne, "One of many things that stood out was the safe house in Silver Spring. It was owned by Rudolf Troost at the time. He was an Estonian Lutheran minister. Seems like the type of guy who could be involved with CIA." Wayne responded only by writing, "We called him Rudy!"

Wayne also asked for help getting the above linked op-ed published. I directed him to a local paper, although they decided not to publish it. When The Washington Times published the article, Wayne texted me the link. I wrote back and asked him why he didn't put his files online for people to see. He responded, "Impossible! Too sensitive! Intel committee has them!" Of course, with the US government saying he is a fraud, they surely couldn't turn around the prosecute him for disclosing classified information. They have asserted so many times that it is all fiction. And if it really was classified information, do the retired generals and admiral who looked at his file still have security clearances? Does Wayne have the security clearance to even retain his files? People have gone to prison for these types of things (unless they have the last name Clinton). And if he had this information, why not share it with the judge who could look at it? 

Of course, the Federal government has a very easy answer to those questions. Wayne, they assert, is making this all up.

Finally, my last message to Wayne wished him well and good luck. He responded with, "Sincere thanks!!" I do have to wonder if Wayne ever read my previous blog posts that were very critical of him or saw my Facebook posts where I pretended to be him. I wonder if he has a sense of humor about that or whether or not I am on his kill list after he gets released. I guess time will tell!

Side notes:

1. During the summer, I was contacted by a sitting Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge who decades ago had worked as an Assistant State's Attorney also in Anne Arundel County. He was recounting to me how he was supervising the prosecution of Wayne back in the late 80s for drunk driving. In this particular case, Wayne was found asleep at the wheel of his parked car. It was a hung jury and the case eventually settled. There was a question as to whether or not he could be convicted of DUI because he wasn't driving. This judge indicated that during breaks in the trial that he spoke to with Wayne and still remembered him. He said Wayne said nothing about being in the CIA. He did mention his previous time, albeit brief, in the NFL in the late 70s and commented on the alleged steroid use by many of the players back then. People are always reaching out to me with Wayne stories.

2. With Wayne safely in prison, I was curious about his house. According to Federal prosecutors, he stopped paying his mortgage, on his multi-million dollar home, in 2009. He was also not paying his taxes. I don't know how he pulled this off, but Wayne was able to live in his home until he went to prison. The rest of us must be idiots for paying our bills.

The property is located at 1828 Woods Road in Annapolis. This is in an exclusive private area of town.

The first thing that you see upon driving in is a sign that states, "Warning Private Drive. Area Patrolled by Rottweilers."

Other signs on the fence noted that visual surveillance was being used to protect the property. As you can see, Wayne had a pretty nice house. When he gets out, Wayne should give lectures on how to succeed without paying your bills.

Wayne Simmons Annapolis home

Wayne Simmons Annapolis home

I would guess with Wayne now out of the house, the bank will be able to take the property back and put it on the market. Maybe I should make an offer for it. I will probably be able to make the first few payments and then just live in it for free for several years.

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