Monday, February 17, 2014

H. L. Mencken Graveside Memorial 2014

Last year I attended the Mencken graveside service at Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore.

This year I missed the event, but thanks to the magic of cameras and youtube, I was able to watch it online. And you can too.

I wish the Friends of the Mencken House would do a better job promoting their events. I have also suggested to them that they could increase their membership numbers by making it possible to join their organization online. I would pay the $40 membership fee if I could use Paypal instead of having to dig out my checkbook (I think I still have one somewhere) and mail them a check (do I even have any stamps?). I have suggested to them several times that this would increase their numbers and attract younger supporters. No one ever does anything. Maybe someone over there will see this and setup an online membership application. I could do it for them, if they think it is too hard.

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