Sunday, July 6, 2008

Carroll County Times: Westminster, Maryland

Carroll County Times: Westminster, Maryland: "If police can prove someone has illegal fireworks in his or her possession or had set them off, that person will be arrested, DeWees said."

Celebrate your freedomDO NOT give consent to search (what's left of it) and ignore the nanny state.
You can go up to southern, PA and buy all of the fireworks that you want.
There are at least two stores in Glen Rock.
Bring your Maryland driver's license and stock up. There should be sales going on now. Get ready for next year.
Put the fireworks in the trunk and don't drive too fast down I-83. There usually aren't troopers on 83 anyway.
If pulled over, DO NOT GIVE CONSENT to search.

When lighting off fireworks be sure to make sure that your dogs and cats are safely inside as they may try to run away.
Also, be sure to light off your fireworks after you have had plenty to drink.
If you are drunk you will be more careful.