Sunday, March 14, 2021

Truxtun Beale Book

 Years ago I wrote here about Truxtun Beale and Truxtun Park. I wanted to write a book about him, but never found the time to do the all the research, which involved visiting the Library of Congress to review his family papers. In early 2019, I got around to spending nearly two weeks at the Library of Congress, where I was able to collect a lot of good information. During 2019 and 2020, I wrote and then rewrote a book on Truxtun and his wife, Marie.

I am about to start the editing process. I am hiring a professional to do this and should have a book ready to go in a few months. Then I have to see if I can find a publisher. If not, I will self-publish.

In the meantime, I have created a website for this project, which can be found here: Truxtun Beale book website.

I will post again here when I had something that you can buy.