Monday, May 25, 2009

MdTA police - Helping to Keep I-97 a Death Trap

MdTA police

Driving southbound around 10:30am on I-97 this morning I spotted two MD Transportation Authority police on motorcycles traveling at a high rate of speed.
No lights or sirens were on.
They were going well over 80 mph. I got up to 80mph in my car in order to pace them, but they were still able to get far ahead of me. I didn't think that it was safe to drive that fast so I slowed back down to 65mph. Tried to get a picture with my cell phone, but they were too far ahead of me by the time I got it out.

I don't criticism them just because I want to whine about everything that police officers do. But it pisses me off because these tax parasites are currently spending taxpayer money with their "click it or ticket" campaign. Also, if they need to make an unofficial quota, they'll be happy to pull you over for going half a mile over the speed limit.

The arrogance of these guys is stunning. They think that they are above the law. I've seen some of these goons driving so fast down 97 it is obvious that they think they are even above the laws of physics.


Anonymous said...

Get over it. Find something better to complain about.

William Cooke said...

Speeding kills more than any drug. Anyone driving that fast, whether they are cops are not, should be jailed.

Anonymous said...

Ur Kidding? WOW 80 mph. Thats crazy airplane speed. LMAO.

First off MDTA doesnt spend ANY tax dollars so you are completely WRONG in your desciption of Tax Parasites. Get a life

William Cooke said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that MDTA is privately funded. And I didn't realize that it was acceptable to drive at 80mph in this state. I'll try that defense the next time I am in court. If MDTA officers are involved, I'm sure they won't show up, as usual.

Anonymous said...

MdTA is funded by the tolls, not your taxes. Must've been real safe to try to take a picture going 80mph....

William Cooke said...

Still, it is public money.
And you can make all of the excuses and jokes that you want, but I think the citizens of this State deserve better.
Whenever I am on 97 I try to drive at a reasonable speed (65-70mph) and always have people on my tail. I normally don't see any police cars. When I do see them they are driving just as recklessly. I'm not just picking on MDTA. The State Police are the worst offenders.
Just slow the hell down. I don't know what the fucking rush is. Speeding kills.