Sunday, July 10, 2016

Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich helps convicted conman

As many of you know, I have been following and writing about the case of Wayne Simmons, a convicted conman and career criminal, who has been masquerading around for over a decade as a former CIA operative.

Wayne recently pleaded guilty in Federal Court to defrauding the US Government and one of his personal friends. He is currently on house arrest (in a house that is under foreclosure) pending sentencing on July 15. Many of his friends and family members have been writing letters to the judge to ask for leniency. I was shocked today to see that on last Thursday, the former governor of Maryland, Bob Ehrlich, wrote this letter in support of Wayne:

The Federal government in its sentencing memorandum commented on this letter by writing, "In light of the actual and potential harm the defendant’s crimes imposed on national security, the government is baffled by the uninformed commentary provided by the defendant’s prominent supporters. See, e.g., Dkt. No. 117-1 (letter of former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich describing the defendant as 'patriotic' and noting that 'one would be hard pressed to find a person more dedicated to the security of the U.S.A.')."  

This unfortunately comes on the heels of Mr. Ehrlich's endorsement of Don Quinn, in the 2014 Maryland State Senate Republican Primary. Mr. Quinn ran a bizarre campaign and was exposed as having lied about his educational background. He later switched to the Democrat Party. It is a shame that the former governor doesn't better vet those who he supports.
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Kent Clizbe said...


Thanks very much for keeping on top of this.

The clear and pure incapacity for rational and critical thought by the strange cabal of enablers swindled by Simmons is the stuff of musical comedy--see "The Music Man."

But this is not self-important small town hicks who are bedazzled by the big city fast talkers. Simmons' enablers are at the highest levels of power of the US government--Ehrlich was considered as a vice-presidential candidate, the generals had world-destroying military might at their command. Fox News has the power to convince 50% of Americans to continue war-forever.

There's a huge, lurking story under all this strangeness.

The answer to the questions: Qui bono? And Who's funding this cabal? would begin to open the door to this submerged influence.

William Cooke said...
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