Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wayne Simmons Update

If you know me or have just been reading this blog, you know that I have been obsessed with the Wayne Simmons story. A brief recap, if you don't know, according to Federal prosecutors, Wayne is a career criminal and conman who fooled the Pentagon and Fox News into thinking that he was a retired CIA agent. What he allegedly pulled off is amazing. Funny as it appears to be, the story is also deeply troubling. Why was this man allowed to keep up this farce this long?

I spent some time looking into this situation and posted what I found on this blog. My post attracted the attention of a few reporters.

A journalist working for the Rolling Stone interviewed me. He quoted me in his story, The Rise and Fall of a Fox News Fraud. The reporter, Reeves Wiedeman, did a lot more research on Wayne and came up with some new information that I was not aware of. For example, I did not know that Wayne ran a hot-tub business or that he ran a carpeting company.

Shortly after this story was published, I was contacted by the Daily Mail for background information. Not long after that, they published How a con-man limo company owner used fake CIA credentials to land a role as Fox News expert and infiltrate the Pentagon's inner circle. There wasn't much original research here, unfortunately.

There will be another story out next month about Wayne. I have spoken to the reporter and he has uncovered things about Wayne that the other guys missed. I'm sworn to secrecy until it is published, but I promise you will not be disappointed.

As for my own research, I was able to located this photo:

It shows Wayne in the far left at the signing of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. What is ironic is that Wayne played a role in the drafting of this legislation which allows for the indefinite detention of suspects. This is ironic because court filings show that after his arrest, no one was more vocal than Wayne to secure his freedom. Wayne is happy if someone else is indefinitely detained without trial, but he will be the loudest voice complaining if he feels his rights are being violated.

Regardless, the more I hear about this guy, the more convinced I am that he is seriously mentally ill. And I am actually starting to feel bad for him. His whole life has fallen apart. Instead of being thought of as a hero, people call him a fraud and a criminal. He faces the realistic prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison. While he is on house arrest now, his house is being foreclosed. He has nothing. I have found parts of this very disturbing and parts very funny, but I now see it as sad, more than anything else. I would rather see Wayne get mental health counselling and treatment, as opposed to seeing him get a prison sentence.

Wayne's World, the Strange Case of the Superpatriot


Michael Schwers said...

if you keep on digging, who knows how far this really goes to the seat of power.

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