Thursday, February 18, 2016

Judicial Candidate "Rev. Dr." Rickey Nelson Jones's Controversial Writings May Hurt Chances

In Maryland, if there is a vacancy on a county's Circuit Court, the governor picks a new judge from a list of names sent to him by the Judicial Nominating Commission. The applicants are properly vetted by the commission, with help from members of the local bar association. However, any lawyer over 30 who has lived in the state for at least 5 years may challenge the governor's selection in the next election. The candidates must survive, at least, the Republican or Democratic primary. The candidates who survive at least one primary are on the general election ballot.

In Anne Arundel County, we recently had four vacancies (caused by retirements) on the Circuit Court. Four new judges were appointed. Judges Klavans, Vitale, Schaeffer, and McCormack, currently sit on the bench, but must face the voters in the April primary election. If all four win the Democratic and Republican primaries, they will not face any challengers in November. They are being challenged by three candidates: Howes, Barber, and Jones.

This blog has already reported on judicial candidate Mark Howes and his interest in the since discredited claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The "Reverend Dr." Rickey Nelson Jones has also made some interesting statements that may cause some concern for voters.
The Reverend Judge?

Jones, who is a registered Democrat who has made generous donations to Democratic Delegate Emmett C. Burns, Jr. over the years is unlikely to garner much support in the Republican primary. In addition, Jones's frivolous Federal lawsuit, alleging that the Judicial Nomination Commission discriminated him in the selection process because he is black, is unlikely to impress many GOP voters. Jones seems to have the odd idea that he was more qualified than two of the new judges because he is a solo-practitioner. He complained that Judge Vitale had "only" 2 years of experience working on her own and "18 years under the guidance of others in a law firm." He complained that Judge Klavans "had 12 years of experience under the guidance of others in Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office and a law firm, and approximately two decades in private legal practice confined to personal and business services."

Working for a firm or at a government agency is not inferior to working on one's own and is insulting to most members of the bar. Jones also ignores the fact that the nominating commission might have actually thought that someone like Judge Vitale, who had extensive experience writing laws as a legislator, might bring a unique and important perspective to the job. In addition, since judges often handle criminal cases, which are extremely important to the public and the accused, Judge Klavans's 12 years of experience as a prosecutor in Baltimore City would weigh heavily in his favor. They might have thought that Jones, who once wrote that, "I informed him [a potential client] that I did not do criminal law, did not like criminal law," was not particularly strong in this area. They might have also suspected that a man who uses his clerical title in his law practice might be stark raving mad. 

The quote above came from one of Jones's books, Strictly from God: A Godly Man's Guidance to His Family and Fellow Man. I purchased the ebook version yesterday from Google, was able to quickly read through it, and pulled out the following quotes, which might be of interest to Democratic primary voters who are thinking of voting for this man. These are actual quotes that he wanted in print:

“Where were you, father, when your son asked about what constitutes the proper relationship between human beings, i.e. the God-sanctioned man/woman relationship [NOT something else]?"

“Where were you father, when the son's mother dominated the household, the child, the finances, the decisions, and the up-bringing, totally confusing the child about who GOD made the “head” and leader (1 Corinthians 11:3 [man is the head of the woman], Ephesians 5:23 [husband is the head of his wife], and Genesis 2:16-20 [Man was put in command by GOD Himself and woman was made by GOD because of man's need]).” 

“Clearly, using what GOD created for sacred united and procreation to engage in acts with the same gender is abominable in HIS sight.”

“In spite of the numerous good things the Nation of Islam has done, it has done the worst thing of all by presenting an alternative to Jesus.”

“Whether it is the Nation of Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, Buddism [sic], etc., denying Jesus as the only LORD and GOD is Anti-Christ.”
“He explicitly condemned Witchcraft in Deuteronomy 18:10. He explicitly condemned Necromancy in Deuteronomy 18:11. He explicitly condemned Workers of Magic or Wizards in Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:27,and Deuteronomy 18:10. GOD has even sanctioned death for individuals who practice such things as these.”

“The woman deviates from GOD'S way when she refuses to submit to the husband who loves her as Christ loves the church. This takes one form principally, i.e., hardheadedness. The heardheaded woman does not want her husband to tell her anything. She does not want to listen. She does not want to agree with her husband, and she feels she is the 'head.' She is a 'Brickhead.'”

“The Caucasian racist in America saturates and cripples this society. He has a stronghold in America from the judiciary to the elementary school. For example, he practices his wicked behavior in the judiciary by granting motions for summary judgment to the Caucasian defendant in the midst of a documented, clear, wrong. This one example also highlights how entrenched the Caucasian racist is in the United States. By granting a motion for summary judgment to a Caucasian defendant in the midst of a documented, clear, wrong is to flatly and emphatically indicate no desire to even consider the wrong committed, to say nothing about redressing the wrong.”

“The child who takes a step beyond disobedience and enters the realm of cursing his parents goes too far in GOD's eyes. Not only has this child opposed the very ones through whom he was conceived, but he has opposed GOD by countering everything He intended. This is so anti-GOD that the ultimate penalty is imposed – death.”
Are these the values that Democratic primary voters share? Is this who they want deciding important cases? I'll leave it to the voters to decide.

UPDATE - Rickey Nelson Jones's campaign ended on April 26, 2016, when he lost both the Democratic and Republican primary. I wish him the best.


R.N.J., Esquire said...

While I avoid commenting on others' negative views on me, I will take a moment to say something about Mr. Cooke's article. Everyone is entitled to their view in America, and that is one of the great things about our country. Concerning understanding, it is always a good idea to present quotes with the surrounding text or book. When that is not done, questions should immediately arise about why the text was omitted. The book is entitled "Strictly From GOD'S Perspective." It presents strict biblical views based on strict biblical text. it is not an opinion piece, an editorial, or fiction. I encourage all to have the King James Version of the Bible next to them as they read my books. It will serve to help understanding and avoid misunderstanding and subsequent quoting for "other" purposes. Rev. R.N.J., Esquire (P.S. My near quarter-of-a-century diverse, multi-state, legal experience speaks for itself and is second to no candidate or sitting judge in the history of the State of Maryland. Also, criminal law is a part of my law practice despite my dislike of it as a young attorney many, many, years ago.)

Mahadi Hasan said...

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Anonymous said...

"...second to no candidate or sitting judge in the history of the State of Maryland..." he says about himself. Apparently, humility isn't something he's learned from his faith, which makes me think he hasn't learned anything at all.

This guy is a joke. Avoid at all costs.