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Judicial Candidate Mark Howes Appeared on Paranormal Show to Discuss Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I used to love watching a show called Sightings. It was about alleged real life paranormal events. They would interview people who claimed to see ghosts or who had seen a UFO or had some other type of paranormal experience. It wasn't hard hitting journalism. I probably shouldn't even call it journalism. But it was entertaining.

Years later, many of the episodes were repackaged and put on TV under a new name, Unexplained Mysteries. They were often replayed on cable. One weekend morning I happened to be watching an episode and I saw a story that was based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. They were interviewing a cop about a case that involved ritual Satanic abuse. As I watched it, I thought, "don't I know that guy? Isn't be a lawyer?"

The person they were interviewing was former cop and current attorney, Mark Howes. I remembered this recently when I saw that Mr. Howes filed to run against the four sitting judges for a place on the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court bench. I searched the internet until I found the clips below:

 Ghost-Unexplain Mysteries the young and the... by doumi94220

Ghost-Unexplain Mysteries the young and the... by doumi94220

The story involves alleged Satanic ritual abuse that took place at a house in Glen Burnie. As a result, the house was haunted, according to the people who later moved in. Howes was involved in the investigation and according to the show, the defendant was sent to prison. This raises some concerns because claims of ritualistic Satanic child abuse were all the rage in the 1980s and early 90s. Almost all of the claims, if not all of the claims, were false and many innocent people were sent to prison as a result. To get a picture of just how crazy this was, watch Indictment - the McMartin Trial, which was produced by HBO.

I was curious to find out as much as I could about this case. According to the show, the abuse took part on Judy Road in Glen Burnie and they showed the house. I paused the video at that spot and then went to Google Maps Streetview to locate the house. I found that it was at 7210 Judy Road. With that information, I went to the Maryland's property database, found the previous owners, and ran them through Casesearch, the state's online court database, and found that one owner in the early 80s, Jack Hook, was charged in 1984 with a 2nd degree Sex Offense and Child Abuse in case number 00601179A5. The charge was in the lower level District Court and would have to be sent to Circuit Court for trial, if it was to go forward. I could not find the case in the Circuit Court records, which leads me to think that this was either a clerical error or maybe the case was dismissed or he was found not guilty and expunged the case. Although the District Court case should have been expunged as well.

We do know that the case was in Circuit Court because the local paper reported on May 8, 1984, that Mr. Hook was indicted on these charges.

I have not been able to find out what happened to Mr. Hook. If he is still alive, he is not in prison (I checked the prison inmate locator) nor is he a registered sex offender (I checked there too). If he is still alive and sees this blog, I would advise him to seek legal representation. Too many innocent people have gone to prison as a result of this nonsense or have otherwise had their lives destroyed. It was a witch hunt and those who took part in it should be held responsible.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am supporting the Sitting Judges in this campaign. For those unaware of the process in Maryland, if there is a judicial vacancy on the Circuit Court (the highest level trial court) lawyers may apply for the position. There is extensive vetting by the Judicial selection committee and a few names are sent to the governor, who makes the final decision. However, any lawyer who is over 30 and who has lived in Maryland at least 5 years may file to run and it is up to the voters to decide who wins.

UPDATE - Mark Howes's campaign ended on April 26, 2016, when he lost both the Democratic and Republican primary. I wish him the best.

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